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What is Lifetime Mortgage Gateway (LMG)?

How does LMG work?

What are the benefits of extending a lease via LMG?

Who is LMG Logistics?

Is LMGL regulated by the FCA or any other body?

Why is LMGL not regulated?

Who are LMGL’s partners?

Why has LMGL chosen an arrangement with these partners?

What experience does LMGL have in this sector?

Why has LMG launched now?

How much does it cost?

What happens if borrowers want access to the loan but aren’t interested in obtaining a Lifetime Mortgage?

What happens if borrowers are eligible for the loan but are subsequently rejected for a Lifetime Mortgage?

Will LMG or LMGL be responsible for the ongoing management and administration of the lifetime mortgage?

What is the definition of a mid-term lease?

How does LMG assess a prospective borrower’s eligibility for equity release?

Are all customers of LMG guaranteed access to a Lifetime Mortgage?

Who is the LMG process suitable for?

Why do people need LMG to help them do this?

Is it possible for borrowers to just borrow the money via LMGL and apply for a Lifetime Mortgage with another provider?

Is it possible for borrowers to just borrow the money via LMG’s lender and use their own solicitors, valuers etc. to execute the lease enfranchisement?

Are you FCA authorised or an appointed representative?

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