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Empowering the many disadvantaged mid-term leaseholders

LMG helps mid-term leaseholders secure the value in their property and unlock access to finance.

Without LMG
With LMG

Unenfranchised decaying asset over 15 years (2% p.a. HPI growth)

Surrenders £73,245 in value to Freeholder

LMG preserves Leaseholder asset value with debt financing (2% p.a. HPI growth)

LMG example 15-year value created: £25,335

How LMG offsets decaying value of mid-term lease against interest on debt

LMG is able to arrange a bridging loan for your client to pay for the costs of the 90-year lease extension.

Once the lease extension is complete, your client moves onto a suitable lifetime mortgage which pays back the bridging loan which funded the enfranchisement costs – it funds the lease extension premium and some additional equity in cash.

Empowering the leaseholder – gain access to credit and stop surrendering value to the freeholder

If your client has the minimum lifetime mortgage debt package (used to fund costs of enfranchisement and the 90-year premium), they can often be better off than they would have been if they had not extended their lease. This is because the cost of the debt package is often less than the loss of value their home would have suffered with a mid-term lease over a 15-year period.

LMG converts this loss of value into a sound investment.

The answer

LMG provides access to a short-term, regulated mortgage contract (i.e a bridging loan). The loan enables prospective borrowers to meet the costs of enfranchisement. Once the lease extension is completed, the leaseholder keeps their home, protects its value and safeguards an inheritance.

Now, the leaseholder can secure a lifetime mortgage against their property to redeem the bridging loan, pay the 90-year lease premium and release equity in the form of cash.

We manage the whole process and ensure our panel of trusted partners deliver the lease extension and the lifetime mortgage in a stress-free and timely manner.

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Overview of enfranchisement

What is enfranchisement?

Leasehold enfranchisement is the statutory right to compulsory purchase, in the case of flats, a 90-year extension to their lease and, in most cases for houses, the purchase of the freehold. LMG can assist leaseholders where the term of the lease is between 25 years and 75 years.




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