Why Choose LMG?

The first and only process of its kind in England and Wales

Bringing together partners of credibility, integrity and scale to deliver the best possible service to leaseholders in a timely and transparent manner.

Without LMG
With LMG
The process is complex, and time-consuming
With LMG, the process is made much simpler for everyone invovled

The benefits for advisers and their clients

For advisers

  • Smooth and seamless process for you to join
  • Working with trusted, regulated and experienced specialist partners
  • Unique offering for leaseholder clients
  • Preserving wealth of leaseholder clients

For leaseholders

  • Access to tax-free cash through a lifetime mortgage product
  • No longer surrendering value in their property to the freeholder
  • A more secure future and peace of mind
  • Protection of an inheritance
  • A fixed, peppercorn rent

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We manage the process from start to finish

The LMG professional team, consisting of enfranchisement valuers, solicitors, lenders and lifetime mortgage providers, manages the lease extension process from start to finish, with oversight by LMG Logistics (LMGL).

Step 1

Input your client’s details into our evaluation form

Submit information on your client’s lease including lease length remaining and current property value.

Step 2

Bespoke graph within 48 hours

Our experienced team will respond to you with a bespoke graph of your client’s decaying asset value within 48 hours.

Step 3

Topline lease extension valuation

We’ll provide a topline valuation of what the lease extension may cost. the maximum Lifetime Mortgage which may be available, and the bridge loan to cover the costs, within 5 – 10 working days.

Step 4

Keen to progress? Submit additional details

We’ll request additional information on any debt secured against the property and any cash release requirements.

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